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Building activity

Buildings by Your ambitions

MV staving, a.s. is a firm, which in the year of 1990 tied up to rich traditions of building industry on upper Nitra by connecting of knowledgeable private technical subjects. It offers complex building, projecting and technical works, bearing with supply of buildings, including the preparation of the territory.

The activity of building company is centred on:

  • civil buildings - shops, hotels, banks, etc., including fine architecture of exteriors
  • residential buildings - group and flat houses including additional civilian outfit, warm-isolation of buildings
  • industrial buildings - in range of new building-up, eventually innovation of basic facilities

Our company uses reliable classic methods in collaboration with the newest technological and science knowledges in the area of land building, which applies in particular layout and in everyday use.

The eminent specialization is centering on monilitic constructions from reinforced concrete. For these works is our firm is responsible equipped technically and also professionally. Actual realization results, experiences of technicians and workers of the firm guarantee the fulfil of the most difficult claims.

By deliveries of buildings on key, firm insures work-out of project documentation of every level and complete engineering activity by request of customer. In production process and in stock holding is permited to work with and to buy only materials attested by quality certificates.

Data about engine's and technical equipment of firm

For building production needs the firm is disposes with next light and heavy mechanisms, build-devices and instrumental equipment:

- crane - 1 piece
- excavator Hidromek - 1 piece
- crane height - 1 piece
- trucks - 4 pieces
- bus and trailer - 1 piece
- mikrobus - 3 pieces
- UNC - 2 pieces
- construction lift - 4 pieces
- compressor - 2 pieces
- vibrating cylinder - 1 piece
- mobile cells - 8 pieces
- mobile washing - 2 pieces
- pump to transport materials - 1 piece

Other smaller instrumentation: demolition hammers, drills, saws, measuring instruments, vacuum cleaners, mixers, welding machines, pavement cutters, cutter grooves, 8 sets of scaffolging, formwork 4000 m2.

Garage, service of all devices, such as assessing of frames and casings are ensured at build-courtyard in Prievidza. In the place of plant firm disposes with joinery workshop, locksmith workshop, places for preparing of concrete steel - binding, crumbling, by places for stocking of build material.



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